assurant dental insurance

Dental insurance is popular – including in some companies, where it is part of the salary envelope. However, they are not a miracle product.

A dentist diagnoses the presence of inflammation on a tooth that was devitalized years ago. The patient feels no discomfort but according to the practitioner, it is only a matter of time before an abscess forms.

The dentist has drawn up the list of the worst possible scenarios, the patient makes an appointment with an odontologist. In an almost sterile environment that evokes an operating room, it uses a microscope and specialized equipment to extract the last nerve residues. Odontologists are by definition not contracted: the patient must therefore pay 750 euros, of which 278.50 euros will be reimbursed by his mutual, to clean and expand the roots and then perform the temporary filling so that they are waterproof. For final filling, the odontologist refers our patient to his dentist.

Who tells him that according to the specialist, the tooth is no longer strong enough to support the treatment. “You have to put a wreath, the practitioner writes in an email, it will cost you 650 euros, for which the mutual will not interfere.Some additional insurances partially reimburse this intervention.”

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