A guide to no exam life insurance

No exam life insurance is one of the newest trends in the world of insurance policies and
many people jump at the policy as they are concerned about how a medical exam can affect
the ability or rates to qualify for a life insurance. When it comes to selecting a policy that
does not need any type of physical exam one can ask some questions to make their way easier
to pick the right policy for you:
 Is the coverage dependable and is the company offering the insurance reputable?
 Does no exam mean that your health does not matter?
 How does the policy affect the cost of your life insurance?
 Who should consider the insurance policy?

Is the no exam life insurance dependable?
Some reputed insurance companies offer the term insurance plans without the need for a
medical exam. If you are aware of the company and they are reputable, you are quite safe to
purchase a no exam life insurance from them. But if you are dealing with the company first
time and never heard of it, it is better to go for some research to find out how legitimate it is.
Consider not only the reputation of the company but check out their experience and
reputation to handle this type of life insurance and how the claims are processed.

How does this policy affect the cost?
In most of the cases going through the exam and having a standard policy costs quite less for
a person who has no concern for health than a policy of no exam life insurance because the
company is taking a bigger risk by not checking your medical history. They actually don’t
know if you have a serious illness and they have to pay out on that. It may cost you for the
long run and comes with higher premiums.

Does the no exam life insurance is same to no health questions?
This depends completely on your company. Some policies will be issued with zero health
information while others may ask you for your major illness, family health history etc.
Getting a no exam and no question policy is possible but answering few questions could
mean low rates for you. Well, for a person with the serious illness, this is less expensive

Will the life insurance trend take over?
Insurance companies generally spread the risk factors to stay in the business. They just take a
chance on some of these policies by charging higher premiums and by having a number of
policies in the force that limit the risk factors. It is good for the young people with good
health because they will pay lower premiums for more favorable policy terms.

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