dental implant insurance

Dental implants: reimbursement of 50 to 80%
Keep your ‘good’ teeth as long as possible? This is possible if you take good care of it, and have a regular check-up with the dentist. This will prevent you from paying very high fees for dental implants, bridges, crowns or dental prostheses. Or for treatment of diseases of the gums, oral cavities or ligaments.

Reimbursement of 50 or 80% of the cost of a dental implant
Do you regularly go for check-ups at the dentist’s, but can not avoid the placement of dental implants, bridges, crowns, or a partial or complete removable prosthesis? In such a case, rely on the dental insurance of Mutualit√© Partena.

Dentalia Plus dental insurance protects you from the heavy dental bills that legal health insurance does not cover. Thanks to this insurance specially designed for dental health, you benefit from reimbursements of 50 to 80%, up to 1,050 euros per person per year.

Get 80% of the cost of a dental implant
How to benefit from a refund of 80% instead of 50%? Nothing’s easier ! Have an annual check-up with your dentist. In doing so, you are forging a 80% refund entitlement.

If your dental care costs go back more than a year, you will still receive a refund of half the cost of your dental implants.

Also count on our medical expenses insurance
Our Ambulatory Medical Insurance also grants reimbursements up to 500 euros for appliances, bridges, crowns, false teeth, implants and prostheses. So you choose the best solution for your teeth, without having to worry about the bill.

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