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Without medical examination: the case of the century?
I am always upset about the amount of quotes we receive on our .ca site from people requesting a “no medical review” submission. These people are, for the most part, so happy to take out life insurance without a medical examination or questionnaire, which they believe they are doing for the century. If only it was true! In fact, you should know that with insurance without a medical examination, you agree to pay more for a life insurance product that, in the majority of cases, has a restriction for the first two years in the event of death.

But why is it more expensive?
You ask a financial institution to insure you without revealing your state of health, so it is normal for this company to charge you a premium higher than your neighbor who agrees to submit to a medical questionnaire.

It’s good for who?
Non-medical life insurance is for people who have difficulty getting a “standard” life insurance because:

they have an important disease;
they had cancer;
they had a heart attack;
they have ADHD;
they have been diabetic with insulin for a long time;
any other reason related to an important disease.
Thus, life insurance without medical examination is suitable for people who have difficulty in insurance, who have been refused or who have obtained life insurance with a significant premium! If you are in this situation, you must have applied for life insurance with at least two financial institutions. Why ? Because the selection of risks, the one that assesses your health, is different from one institution to another. Each institution assesses the risk according to a scale and expertise of its own.

In simple terms, it is not because one institution refuses you that you will be automatically refused by another. So, before you buy life insurance without a medical examination and pay more, take the time to check your insurability. In this way, you will get more life insurance for your estate for the same amount of premium.

And if I am in good health, what should I do?
We receive quotes for life insurance without medical exam several times a day. Each time, we ask people:

Are you in good health? Yes.
Have you ever applied and been refused? No.
Do you take medication? No.
Why did you choose insurance without a medical examination? I am not interested in going to the hospital for an exam.
And we tell them that to get standard life insurance, you do NOT have to go to the hospital. For a standard life insurance policy, there is NO medical examination. There is a medical questionnaire. At worst, a nurse will move to your home. She will ask you questions, collect a urine sample and a blood test. You will NOT have to go to see a doctor.

without a medical examination
The medical examination often returns, in fact, to complete a medical questionnaire

Just make a quote request. Today, you can even apply online. When you submit a quote request on our site, we display the online Purchase available without a representative visit when we send you your submission by email. Since this option is offered, it’s crazy how people prefer it.

In closing, if in the last two years you have been diagnosed with cancer or a terminal illness, no financial institution, with or without a medical examination, will agree to offer you life insurance coverage. It’s like asking for your home while it burns!

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