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Dental insurance and dental implants: think about it before retirement
The care offered by your denturologist includes elements at the cutting edge of developments in dental health. This includes dental implants with fixed or removable prostheses. This technique is recognized as one of the best for health, comfort and quality of life by both dental professionals and insurance companies offering dental insurance plans. Interesting, is not it?

Before retirement, or after?
Many people think of getting dental implants before retirement while they are still in the labor market. They benefit from their dental insurance and can plan the distribution of these costs easily.

Similarly, retirees who have dental insurance can claim certain fees, depending on the plan they have.

It should be noted that dental implants with prostheses can be recommended to anyone, regardless of their oral condition or age.

Dental insurance covers certain expenses
Dental insurance can cover a certain portion of the price of dental implants with prostheses. It is recognized today that having teeth that are good at chewing all foods contributes to overall long-term health. And insurance companies also consider dental implants to be high-quality, reliable and long-lasting care. As a result, all these elements have contributed in recent years to extending the coverage of dental implant treatment costs by insurance companies. Make the most of it!

The amount of insurance covered varies depending on the plans offered by your employer or your personal plan. It is easy to check with your insurer what can be reimbursed for no surprises. How? By calling on your denturologist. It assesses the price of dental implants with prostheses required and helps you plan.

Your denturologist helps you plan with your insurer
Your denturologist offers you a free evaluation meeting. During this meeting, he takes various information on your general health and that of your mouth, then he presents you the various options which are offered to you.

A personalized treatment plan is then established. This plan takes into account your oral and general health, your expectations and your budget.

Your denturologist’s treatment plan provides you with a cost estimate. Everything is well described and detailed to be given to your insurer. He is then able to specify the portion of fees that can be reimbursed. And the submission of your denturologist is valid for a period of 6 months.
Benefit from your dental insurance before your retirement is a good way to make the costs of your new dentures with dental implants accessible. And it’s not more complicated than that. Talk to your denturologist, he also knows about planning!

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